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December 13 Meeting

Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: and a people who mean to be their own governours must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives. James Madison

This is why we are meeting each month. The knowledge we gain will help us make educated decisions about our future. A future where the socialist left-wing wants us to be equal in all things. A future where Al Sharpton can enjoy his vision of having “equal things in all our houses.” Imagine that, a socialist society where we all have a more equal financial lifestyle. What they want is to have a piece of what capitalism has created. The wealth. Socialism creates no wealth.
If we were all no worse off than the next guy, the OWS people would just love that scenario. But then again, none of us would be any better off either. And in order for it to stay that way, we would have to be content with our situation indefinitely. Who wants to get up every day with the realization that your lifestyle will never change due to a system that guarantees a level of mediocrity that no matter how hard you try, you will never get ahead of the game. If you did, that would make you one of the evil rich people. This would leave government in the position to restrain your ability (through taxation and mandates) to pursue your happiness. Government restrains your inalienable rights.

People at the ower end of the economical spectrum will vote for this socialist scenario every time. This is the hope and change they were promised.
In a society where massive redistribution of wealth has occurred, and the playing field has been leveled, where does the money come from? Who has more than you so that you can earn a living through your services?
The truth of the matter is, that if anyone is lower on the financial ladder than you, you will have give up something for the sake of true equality.

The Occupy Wall Street crowd wants this type of equality. Barack Obama endorses OWS along with The Socialist Party USA, Nazi Party USA and Democrats in the House of Representatives.
Barack Obama said of conservatives last week “Their philosophy is simple, we are all better of when we are left to fend for ourselves and play by our own rules. I believe this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot. When everyone does their fair share. When everyone plays by the same rules.”
He was wrong about our philosophy. America needs limited government that does not restrict and limit us in our pursuit of happiness. And yes, everyone should do their fair share but he only applies that to the rich. Let’s hold him to his word that EVERYONE should do their fair share and EVERYONE plays by the same rules (i.e.) the Constitution.

Knowledge will forever govern ignorance.  Knowledge is power.


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