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Recap of August 23rd Central 9/12 Meeting

Recap of August 23 Central 9/12 Meeting

We discussed the steps we should take to make sure we can get through a financial meltdown. Storing food will become the number one priority as even cash can become worthless and supply lines of most goods may be stopped as a result. Electrical supplies could be interrupted as well as all people working in power plants and maintenance crews will all be busy keeping themselves supplied with food. The National Guard may be called upon to run our utilities. The same can be said for law enforcement and government services. Independence is the key to survival.

The links below can help you start your own food storage and preparation in the event you should need it. In light of the recent hurricane Irene, it can’t hurt to be safe in the event of a disaster no matter what kind it is.


http://wisefoodchoice.com/      http://yh3.myefoods.com


We discussed Rick Perry entering the presidential race and how he has some explaining to do for a number of things such as forced vaccinations, the Dream Act, and his ideas about Agenda 21 globalist policies. The upcoming debate should be interesting on Wednesday.


A newcomer to our meeting, Rob Howell, told us about a concept he has been working on for a number of years called Planet Eagle.  You can find out more about it at http://www.planeteagle.us/news.htm

Our next meeting is scheduled for September 20th at 7 PM. Our guest will be a speaker from FairTax.org.

They will tell us all about it and answer any questions you may have. Please don’t miss this meeting.

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