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July 21 Meeting

At the meeting on Wednesday we discussed the Precinct Education Project. I attended the training session for the PEP on July 10 at the Blue Ash Library so that we could teach our members more about this project. Getting out the vote in this next election is vital to our success. We must take it upon ourselves to educate and inform the voters who are undecided, independent, or are just ill informed about the current state of the rise of socialism in this country.
We had a visit from 912 Project Member Bill Goslin from Albany, NY. He wanted to attend one of our local meetings to see the things we are actively engaged in so that he may employ it in his area. They are pushing for 912 members to become precinct chairpersons. Its nice to know that the 912 Project is strong in Albany, NY.
We discussed individual freedoms that our Founding Fathers fought for. Today many politicians like to champion the cause of a collective group, mostly because it will earn them votes. This approach always leaves out someone else. The legislation our lawmakers should be working on must help all Americans and not the chosen few. The chosen few may be poor, rich, young or old but the current trend is to pass laws at the expense of some other demographic that poses no election risk or one who can easily be demonized. This strategy is used by Republicans and Democrats alike and the reason why we must educate the voters about the candidates and the principles of our Founding Fathers so that we can reclaim our Republic.

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