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Just the beginning…..

Our country needs to be restored.  Some may ask “restored to what?”  Each of us has a vision about how America should be, but is that vision the same one that our founders envisioned centuries ago?

America didn’t get into its current state overnight.  It has evolved into the mess we all know over the past several decades.  Progressives have done their best to tear down ideologies that our Founding Fathers held dear to their hearts.

If we truly desire a better America, then we should look no further than ourselves.  This is just the beginning of a journey.  It will take years to turn our country around but we will succeed.  Liberals will look at an election differently than a conservative.  Liberals go to work on an agenda once their candidate is elected to ensure the policies they want are adopted.

Conservatives are just that, conservative. They think their job is over when their candidate is elected, and the elected official will do their bidding.   This is the mindset that has to stop.  We must be diligent in our efforts to keep those in power on the tasks that help our agenda.  Too much is at stake to do anything less.

We The People will take back this country, in spite of our government.

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